Here’s how this works. Hear me out.

If I ask you why you don’t like Trump, you’ll say the following.
• He’s a racist
• He’s responsible for high COVID death numbers
• He’s caused hate and division
• Russia russia russia
blah blah blah

…. all are twisted and untrue narratives from news. News is NOT fact. Neither right leaning or left news outlets are. It’s merely a springboard for more research. If you actually looked up his record, away from news articles, you would see for yourself that none of this is true. You probably never even saw any official documents, emails, indictments for altering emails, texts voice recordings of biden with Ukraine, videos, etc … Did you watch the FULL, unedited/uncut SIX hour hearing in GA on the 4th? I did. I’m guessing whatever news source you use didn’t air it at all, right? See how that works?

For those of us who actually DO the legwork, what’s happening is surreal. Left leaning news (including fox), is simply the propaganda arm of the DNC. I’m not getting my opinion from news either. I SEE it happening. My son works for cnn too (inside intel). ALL media in the US are owned by very few people. All of them donate large sums to Democrats. Yes. Even fox, which was taken over by Murdoch’s liberal son last year.

When I find official docs/evidence of whatever topic, I then read the “news” report on the same topic, and it’s SO different. It’s spun around to make an event sound negative when it’s not. I’ve seen videos/interviews, where media cuts and edits the footage to completely change the context or meaning. It’s criminal what they’re doing. It’s like we’re living ‘The Truman Show’. Why do you think there are so many concerted efforts against Trump? Because he can’t be bought. He’s not one of the career politicians embedded in a self serving system. He wasn’t supposed to win. That’s why Democrats literally started talking about impeachment BEFORE his inauguration. Think about that objectively if you can.

Your next response might be, “show me your evidence”. My answer will be “No”. Why? Because honestly, if you wanted the truth, you would seek it out. You hate Trump, and don’t want to see anything good that he’s done. If you DID want to see, you can find it, but you must be the one who searches.

If I spoon fed you my research, you most likely would not even look at it. It has happened to me time and time again. I send a Trump hater legitimate and indisputable info and they literally refuse to even look at it. I think because it would mean that they were wrong. It’s a complete waste of my time. So many on the left are deeply invested in their hatred. To admit that they’re wrong would be devastating to the ego.

An additional note: Calling something a “conspiracy theory” is merely a catch phrase to discount something you don’t want to hear. It’s lazy & demeaning to those of us who have spent the time to do the research. Just because media “says” something is a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it is. They all have an agenda. Think of all the events in the past which were labeled “conspiracy theory” or even heresy, which in the long run turned out to be true. Galileo was persecuted for saying the earth was round. He upset the apple cart. The same is happening here.

I really hope you do search for the truth. It’s out there, and it’s completely different than what you think. You really are being lied to. But maybe the Democrats will pull through this, sweep it back under the rug, and keep the status quo. Best of luck.


Creative, & survivor. Love to write, paint, & make music

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